Delta-8 Sativa and Indica Filters

20 Delta-8 Filters Per Pack | 10 Packs Per Carton

We offer two new varieties of Delta-8 Filters made using a proprietary and premium blend of Kief and Delta-8, solely from US Farm Bill Compliant Flower. Earthy Select Delta-8 Sativa and Indica Filters are made using high-grade, premium Flower and trace amounts of other active cannabinoids. We infuse a blend of sativa or indica cannabis derived terpenes for refreshing and pungent aroma, flavor, and effects profiles.

Sativa strains are typically associated with feeling productive and creative. Because of the stimulating impact, Delta-8 Sativa Filters may be better for day time use.

Indica strains can be associated with intensely relaxing effects, so Delta-8 Indica Filters may be better for night time use.

Try both versions and pick your favorite! 10,000mg Delta 8 per carton. 1000mg Delta-8 per pack. Tobacco free.