Premium THCa Live Rosin – Rich and Potent Strains

Dive into the luxurious world of cannabis concentrates with our Premium THCa Live Rosin collection, showcasing exclusive and potent strains. Each buttery Rosin embodies the pure essence of cannabis, offering a symphony of rich flavors and effects. Handpicked for connoisseurs like you, this collection opens doors to unmatched sensory experiences. 1g of Rosin per glass jar.


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Breadstix (Indica), Cereal Milk (Sativa), Chauffeur (Hybrid), Chem Dough (Hybrid), Fatso (Indica), GMO (Indica), Grapenana (Indica), Grape Pie (Hybrid), London Jelly (Hybrid), MacBerry Moonshine (Indica), Meat Breath (Indica), Oreo Gush Mints (Hybrid), Pancakes (Hybrid), Peanut Butter Cake (Indica), Sour Diesel Wilson (Sativa), Space Age Cakes (Hybrid), Spearmint Style (Hybrid), Stardawg (Hybrid), Wedding Cake (Hybrid), Z3 (Hybrid)