THCa Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls

Enjoy Earthy Select’s THCa Hemp Flower Pre-Rolls, featuring 8 powerful strains with 20%+ cannabinoids and natural terpenes. Savor the potent effects and flavors of our premium Indica or Sativa Pre-Rolls.


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Each Earthy Select THCa Hemp Flower Pre-Roll is rolled with a full gram of premium high THCa Hemp Flower grown using organic practices and boasting 20%+ total cannabinoids. The hand-selected flavor rich buds are bursting with THCa and natural cannabis terpenes. Hand-rolled using raw paper and filter. Sealed in child-resistant glass jars for safety and freshness. Get ready for powerful effects with superb quality and flavor in each premium high THCa Indica Pre-Roll and high THCa Sativa Pre-Roll. Select your adventure!